Jinyi Shoe Materials Co., Ltd. won the "2015 China Shoe Industry Festival • Annual Shoes Materials Gold Supplier Award"

2018-06-14 09:22

On January 8, 2016, the “2015 China Footwear Festival Summit Forum and Launch Ceremony of the China Shoes Online Trading Platform” was held at the Fu Xiang Hotel, Jinjiang, Fujian. The ceremony was sponsored by the Fujian Provincial Information Network Technology Co., Ltd., an e-commerce demonstration enterprise of the Ministry of Commerce. It was jointly sponsored by the Global Footwear Network and Amoy Shoes Network, and received strong support from the Jinjiang City People's Government and the Jinjiang City Bureau of Commerce.

With the theme of “Shoe Industry Innovation”, Shengdian invited several outstanding corporate representatives from Fujian, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Anhui and other major footwear industries to receive industry innovation list awards, and took the opportunity to share machine substitutions. Various keynote speeches such as footwear design, product innovation, footwear e-commerce and footwear internet+. As the top priority of the forum's agenda, relevant officials of Jinjiang Municipal Government attended the launching ceremony of the online trading platform of the Chinese footwear industry. This indicates that the platform will officially settle in the Chinese shoe capital Jinjiang.

In the early part of the festival, after more than three months of on-site visits, voting evaluations, and evaluations of brands and industries, a total of “Top Ten Brands in China”, “Innovative Enterprise of the Year”, “Leader of the Year” and “Outstanding New Brand of the Year” were finally established. "And other awards. Jinyi shoe materials won the "Shoe Materials Gold Supplier of the Year" Award after a series of competitions.
Jinjiang Jinyi Shoes Material Co., Ltd. was established in 1995. It is a professional manufacturer of EVA, PE, and special material foaming that integrates production, R&D and sales. After 20 years of development, it now has modern production equipment and complete supporting facilities, as well as a group of high-quality management personnel and production operation teams.
The company implements strict scientific management and the product quality reaches the international advanced level. The company takes the quality, reputation as its purpose, market-oriented, innovation and development, and constantly open up new markets, excellent quality, reasonable prices become Anta, special steps, three sixty-one, Jordan, King Lake, noble birds and other brand shoes The company's material supply strategic partners.

Enterprise development, service supremacy, quality service,

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