Footwear, shoe materials and other industrial clusters enhance the vitality of shoe enterprises

2018-06-14 09:45
Huinan Economic Development Zone Huinan Park is changing its investment selection ideas at the right time. It is doing a full service of the settled projects, helping enterprises break the recruitment and financing problems, and solving the worries of employees' medical treatment and children's education. At the same time, the park's soft and hard construction is improving day by day and comprehensive investment. The gradual optimization of the environment has attracted the flock of tyrants, and gradually formed five major industrial clusters such as electromechanical equipment, petrochemical post-processing, footwear shoe materials, textile and clothing, and handicrafts. It has gathered a large number of industry leading projects and high-quality enterprises.
In the park, the mechanical and electrical equipment industry takes Jiande Machinery, Wanbaolong Technology, and Huade Welding as the leading companies and drives a large number of high-quality enterprises such as construction machinery, road construction machinery, hydraulic and stone machinery, air compressors, molds and hardware to form a cluster. Fast-paced; petrochemical post-processing industries include the introduction of Germany's fully automatic production line to engage in capacitor film production, including the current China scarce Huashi release paper project and the national high-fiber production key enterprise Keyi Group and other high-tech projects. It has become a new economic growth point in the park; the footwear footwear industry has rapidly gathered to become a domestic sports shoe and leisure under the leadership of noble birds, Longsheng, Wanlida, Yiyuan, Baopeng, Starling, Sanshu, and Taiya. The sole production base for shoe soles and shoe leathers, and the textiles and garments bag industry represented by Green Light Textile Co., Ltd., which has won the title of “China's top ten children's wear”, gathers spinning, weaving, webbing, clothing and other fields to form upstream and downstream. The complete industrial chain supporting each other; The craft industry is relatively concentrated, with a high degree of extroversion, to produce various types of resin, iron arts and crafts, and toys. The main products are gifts, including Anying, Evergrande and Lianxing, which are exported to more than 40 countries and regions in the European Union and North America. It is a key foreign exchange industry in the park.
High-tech high value-added is a major feature of industrial clusters in the park, especially emerging industrial clusters, such as the first to use nanotechnology and products to fill the blank capacitive film production project in our province, and to introduce advanced Italian technology and the second domestic release paper project. , New health mattresses and new waste transfer vehicles designated by Fujian Province as new rural construction extension projects, as well as more than a dozen patented production technologies such as wind power generators and gas generators. Traditional industries such as shoes and clothing have actively linked with universities and have set up enterprise R&D centers, vigorously promote new technologies, new processes, and new materials in an effort to improve their core competitiveness.
Introducing good projects and nurturing big brands is another feature of industrial clusters in the park. In the past five years, the Huinan Park has absorbed such internationally-known brands as “Boom”, “Elegant Bird”, “Starling”, “Playboy”, etc., China’s well-known trademarks, Fujian Province’s famous brands of companies and products, and cultivated “Lesle”. The famous brand companies such as “Langlang”, “East China Sea” and “Wolkang” which have excellent product quality and continuously expanded market share have greatly increased the popularity of the park.

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