What kind of material is TPR and silicone?

2018-06-14 10:06
In fact, what kind of material is good, there is no certain standard or absolute answer. The key is to see if the overall performance of the material is best suited to the product the user needs to process. The best one is suitable.
In fact, TPR and silica gel have their own advantages and disadvantages, or have their advantages.
The advantages of silicone are many, such as elasticity, good deformation resistance, aging resistance, high temperature resistance, good chemical resistance, non-toxic and so on. However, silica gel also has its shortcomings, such as long molding cycle, low production efficiency, and non-recyclable materials.
TPR materials are not as resilient as silicone, they are resistant to high temperatures, and are chemically resistant. However, TPR materials can be processed quickly and the materials can be completely recycled and reused, which is beyond the reach of silicone. In some areas of multiple injection molding (overmolding), TPR materials exhibit better material matching flexibility than silicone.

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