Elastomer TPE applied to artificial turf

2018-06-14 10:09
TPR and silicone which kind of material is good? Some people say that it is a food that can be eaten? Wrong, this is a plastic material, simply can not eat.
Someone asked if it was a child's toys. The answer is also not.
In fact, the beginning of the Xiaobian is dizzy, spent the hardship of the meditation, really do not know what stuff is, what to use. However, afterwards, the company’s Zhongshan office actually had customers looking for similar stuff. After some understanding, they finally had a general idea. But it only ends at about.
The particles are made of SEBS based TPE elastomer. It is not just the simple blending of the SEBS compounding system. Instead, it requires proper equipment processing to get the final product. The granules are light (specific gravity is about 0.6~0.8) and can be floated. The total particle size of the granules is 2.5~3.5mm. It is soft and has a certain elasticity.
The basic properties of the particles are probably like this. Xiao Bian went to the director of the Zhongshan office, Yang Sheng, to understand the use of this stuff. Yang Sheng said that he is not very clear. The customer may feel that it is something new on the market. He does not want to make too many disclosures and only asks the company to follow him. The sample is required to be OK. Although it is not known exactly what the Dongdong really is, the sample confirmation is OK and the order was successfully taken down.
But Xiao Bian is not willing to, so through the Internet, trying to find some clues, some clues. After a period of web search and market analysis, preliminary conclusions have been drawn that this kind of stuff may be applied to a football field (artificial) lawn. The reason why artificial turf is added to this TPE pellet may be based on the following considerations:
1, because the turf is made of polymer wire drawing, so need to use quartz sand or TPE particles to suppress the grass, stabilize the turf, generally the lower quartz sand, the upper layer with TPE rubber particles;
2. The artificial turf on the football field does not have soil. In this way, when the person collides with or falls, the body is stressed. It is easy to be injured. The addition of highly elastic TPE rubber particles can effectively simulate the feeling of the soil and prevent injuries due to collision with the site. 
3, the polymer drawing surface than the real turf to a lot of smooth, especially when it rains, then add rubber particles can provide greater friction, improve the performance of the turf.
However, I still hear another version of this type of TPE particles (it should be the first time that the author was released on the Internet, and the authenticity is debatable). It is said that this stuff is actually used in some countries and regions that are relatively short of water. Used for paving the surface of lakes or reservoirs, using its light weight to prevent or reduce the evaporation of moisture.
This latter statement makes sense. However, according to some information disclosed by the market, the former statement is more reliable. The latter statement is undoubtedly more bizarre and unexpected, but due to the lack of relevant evidence, readers can not be read as facts.
Who can think of this seemingly unimpressive, even more ordinary TPE particles, actually become a sweeping shade of field material from the irresistible emerging forces. As for the statement that it can reduce the volatilization of water, although it has not been confirmed by arguments, it has to allow readers to deepen their understanding of TPE materials.
The above is just the tip of the iceberg of thermoplastic elastomer TPE applications. In fact, many times, readers may not think that in your daily life, TPE materials may have long-term close contact with you, but you do not realize it. These products include toothbrushes, razors, baby baths, kitchen chopping boards, yoga mats, fitness pullers, glasses, sex toys, soft toys, carpets, etc., too many and too many to mention.
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