How should I recognise PU soles?

2018-06-14 10:23
PU's sole should be one of the most wearable soles.
The PU bubble is dissolved into a gel and then poured into the mold to heat it to foam. The surface of the finished product is smooth. After a long time, it will turn yellow and corrode, and it has a certain degree of shock absorption and stability.
At the end of the sneaker, I think I don't say a lot of people will know, that is the PHYLON midsole, and the EVA midsole is the most common. In fact, both kinds of midsole belong to the same attribute category (engineering plastics), but why is there a difference in the name? PHYLON originated in the United States, the earliest shoe midsole is called PHYLON, and there is no EVA midsole and PHYLON At the end of the day, with the continuous development of footwear products, we started with the development of some major brands of footwear products in Taiwan and South Korea. We have even more systemized the name of the midsole, and we have what we are talking about now. EVA midsole. Now I will talk about the differences between the EVA midsole and the PHYLON midsole.
The PHYLON midsole is the most used midsole in shoes. The most important feature of PHYLON is its light weight, good elasticity, and good cushioning performance. PHYLON is known as secondary foaming. EVA midsole is also very light, but the cushioning performance and flexibility are far less than the PHYLON midsole, the cost is much lower than the PHYLON, EVA midsole is called a foam. The reason they have the same properties, but different name, the performance is different because PHYLON is a secondary foam, and EVA is a foam.
(1) Primary foaming: The midsole of a shoe formed by injecting the material into a mold and then heated at a high temperature is called a foamed midsole, which is the midsole of an EVA shoe.
(2) Secondary foaming: After injecting the material into the mold, the insolated midsole is heated after two high-temperature heatings. The softness of the PHYLON is also controlled by the temperature. During the firing of the PHYLON midsole, the higher the temperature, the greater the density of the burned PHYLON and the harder it is. The smaller the PHYLON that naturally burns out, the lighter and softer it is, so the quality of the midsole can't be measured in terms of weight or hardness.
(3) Wrapped cloth in the end: Wrapped cloth insole is also the PHYLON midsole, but the designer used a shoemaking technique to pursue the overall design feeling. The best example is the shoe midsole and the shoe body. The use of the same fabric makes the overall combination of the shoe body and sole a highlight of this shoe making process. The realization of this process is to use the selected fabric to wrap the formed PHYLON midsole and burn it in the mold to become the midsole of the cloth texture we see as LB1.
2. PU midsole: In addition to the PHYLON midsole and EVA midsole, the PU midsole is also common, and the greatest advantage of the PU midsole is better elasticity and resilience.
3. In the end of the package: Now many shoes use the built-in midsole structure, also called the package in the end. Like the well-known T-MAC series, NIKE's style collection belongs to the bottom structure of the bag. The middle end of the package is composed of two large parts: the sole and the upper, but the structure is still big bottom, midsole and shoes. The surface consists of three parts, but the inner bottom is wrapped in the upper side of the upper.
4. PU overall soles: ADI and NIKE use these soles when they are not many, PU soles are low-temperature molded soles. The bottom of PU is light, but it is not suitable to touch water. After encountering water, a chemical reaction occurs and the layers are eroded away.
5. Taking into account the better wear shoes, try to use PU, NR, BR, SBR and so on.
The main aspects of aging are weather resistance, oxygen resistance, and UV resistance. If you want to export shoes, consider the high temperature of about 80 degrees. (container temperature)
The soles are mostly colored products, and the additives should be selected to be free from pollution. Fillers are mostly white carbon black.
Taking into account the cost implications, more traditional curing systems are used.

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