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2018-06-14 08:57
As an appointed supplier of Anta foaming shoe materials, as early as 18 years ago, Jinyi has started to enter the field of shoe materials, experienced the history of EVA foam production, and mastered a wealth of production experience. In 2002, the soft EVA pioneered by Jinyi became popular throughout Jinjiang for a time.
Recommended Business: Anta
Recommended reason: As an appointed supplier of Anta foaming shoe materials, as early as 18 years ago, Jinyi has started to enter the field of shoe materials, experienced the history of EVA foam production, and has mastered a wealth of production experience. In 2002, the soft EVA pioneered by Jin Yi was popular throughout Jinjiang for a time. All along, Jinyi has led the development of the foaming shoe industry. The products it has developed and the product codes it has developed have been recognized and adopted by the industry.
Star Products: EVA for Insoles
Product introduction: The special EVA for insole developed for the ergonomics of sports shoes has a good rebound buffer and can effectively reduce the damage caused by the force of the foot during intense sports. The special material design of the insole EVA will provide better sports Buffer protection measures.
The highlight of this special insole EVA is reflected in the green health, the concept of environmental protection runs through the overall design, taking into account the insoles dedicated EVA will be in close contact with the human skin, in addition to more soft and comfortable, Jin Yi did not add any chemical agents, even if it is EVA's unpleasant odor, it is also completely eliminated from the chemical point of view, rather than add flavor to hide the original smell of EVA.
In addition, under the guidance of Mr. Wu Dingwen, Special Chemicals Division of Sinochem International (Holdings) Co., Ltd., the product was supplemented with an inorganic anti-miconazole antibacterial agent, which is the main raw material of Miconazole and enables EVA foaming. The sheet contains antibacterial ingredients similar to Miconazole to inhibit the growth of bacteria in shoes and protect the health of the feet.
According to reports, the antibacterial agents currently used in the market are generally organic antibacterial products. Long-term and large-scale use of the antibacterial agents will cause great harm to human health, and microbial bacteria are also susceptible to drug resistance.
The antimicrobial antibacterial finishing agent used by Jinyi is a non-ionic compound that has good affinity with the skin (protein) and has gram-positive bacteria, gram-negative bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and viruses. Extensive and highly effective killing and inhibiting effects, with good bactericidal effect.
This achievement is largely inseparable from the status of Jinyi in the industry. In terms of scale, Jinyi has been counted as one of the best, from the family-owned small workshops to the 45,000-square-meter factory nowadays; in terms of production capacity, it has introduced 16 foreign advanced production lines to produce EVA and PE annually. Sheets) Sheets up to 100,000 cubic meters.
Leading in the same industry, it also allows Jinyi's products to be widely used as flame-retardant EVA materials in the fields of construction, cold storage, vehicles, and boats, as well as luggage, sports equipment, children's toys, water supplies, packaging materials, and printing materials. Use the company's products in large quantities.
“The development of Jinyi industry has made the application of the product far exceed the footwear industry itself. Our products have penetrated into every space of production and life.” Ding Songsen, general manager of Jinyi Shoes Co., Ltd. said with joy.
In the eyes of Ding Songsen, it is precisely with the lead in the same industry, that Jinyi can always stay with Anta, Jordan, Xtep, 361 ° and other well-known sports brands.
As a designated supplier of Anta Foaming, Jinyi has increased its internal control standards for each type within the company by 5% to 10%, especially several important measures of EVA, such as compression ratio, elasticity, and density. It has been revealed that Anta's testing of EVA foaming products uses batch sampling tests. Several hundred batches are sampled every month. This means that tens of thousands of batches will be sampled every year. , And Jin Yi in such nearly harsh quality inspection and evaluation, almost every year to get ANTA foam performance evaluation 100 points.
“Softer, lighter and more environmentally friendly, this should be the direction of EVA efforts. We hope to develop a new generation of products and be recognized by the market.” Ding Songsen said that in recent years, EVA industry has entered an era of homogenization, as Antafa Foam-designated suppliers, but also have superior products in order to maintain a competitive advantage, in order to lead the brand and footwear enterprises throughout the footwear industry.
At present, Jinyi has joined hands with a material development team in Taiwan to improve the material formulation and equipment adjustment, and develop a new generation of soft, soft and environmentally friendly EVA sheets. It specializes in the field of shoe materials and cooperates with branded sports shoes to design and develop special insoles for EVA.
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