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2018-06-14 08:59
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As early as 15 years ago, Jinyi started to enter the field of shoe materials, experienced the history of EVA foam production, and mastered a wealth of production experience.
It leads the development of the foaming shoe material industry. The products it develops and the product codes it develops are all recognized and adopted by the industry.
With its history, reputation, quality, and reputation, it has become one of the largest EVA professional manufacturers in Fujian Province.
Partners: Anta, Jordan, 361°, Xtep, Xidelong, Jinlake, etc.
Industry evaluation: EVA foamed material has the advantage that other materials cannot be substituted, and it is still the main force of auxiliary materials for shoes in the future. Jinyi has always insisted on the way of EVA professional foaming. We believe that in the future it will be getting better and better, becoming more and more sophisticated and becoming the best in the industry.
Business experience: If you want to continue to take the lead in the foaming industry, not only in the product quality, we must continue to stringent requirements, but also continue to improve and innovate the product. The establishment of a R&D team with a core competiveness and the industrial upgrading of labor-intensive enterprises are also essential.
Through rigorous product evaluations, we are striving for excellence in product costing, and formulating product codes to lead the same industry. Jinyi Foam successfully accompanies the growth and development of many well-known brands and makes itself a professional supplier of Anta foam products. .
Through rigorous assessment
Anta stable supplier
Entering the production workshop of Jinyi Shoes Material Co., Ltd., the workers are kept busy with the rumbling sound of the machine. There is always a thick layer of data on each side of the product. Workers say that these materials are all strict product specifications.
And at Ye Yanxiong’s desk at Jinyi’s sales department, the reporter saw a pile of thick materials. Ye Yanxiong proudly told reporters that these materials include the physical properties of various aspects of foam products in various aspects, all used to serve customers — Anta, Jordan, 361 ° and other customers.
“Guiyi Company is a stable supplier of Anta Foam Products.” Ye Yanxiong said that among the thick materials, agreements and orders signed by Jinyi and Anta are also included. The assessment requirements for quality and quality, such as the qualification rate of the physical property, the passing rate of appearance, the on-time delivery rate, and other aspects.
According to reports, as the vane of the foaming industry, Jinyi Company established its own physical property testing room and laboratory in 2006. Jinyi foaming each batch of products, first of all through its own inspection and assessment, and then sent to customers to accept the customer's assessment. For Anta, which has relatively strict and perfect assessment mechanism, the supplier's products need to undergo every rigorous assessment.
“Anta has set thresholds, standards, and challenges for each supplier’s performance appraisal. Each batch of products, each month, and each quarter will be scored accordingly for performance evaluation, and then scored for comprehensive assessment. If you fail to meet the target for three consecutive months, you must be warned of rectification. If the rectification fails, you will be permanently disqualified from the supplier.” It is precisely under the strict requirements of their own circumstances, Jinyi created the professional supply of Anta foam products Business awards.
Cut out bubbles
The foaming industry is an industry that is heavily influenced by manual operations, and because of this, foamed products often have blemishes, such as "sheets" that have pores.
Ye Yanxiong introduced that these porous "sheets" can also be used by customers and will not affect stamping. Some foaming enterprises are also reluctant to dispose of the "sheets," but Jin Yi's practice is completely different. . In Jinyi, these porous "sheets" will be cut off as bad products and will not be delivered to customers.
“The foamed EVA sheet is an auxiliary material for shoe materials, just like small nails, but if the production process lacks nails or the quality of nails is not enough, many things cannot be produced.” Ye Yanxiong said, “So, to customers Providing good materials helps customers create better products.”
In addition, as early as 2002, Jinyi invested heavily in the introduction of advanced technology from Taiwan, and developed the first generation of low-hardness insole-specific sheets for footwear, which achieved major breakthroughs in the softness and high elasticity of materials. Break the bottleneck that could not be low temperature and low pressure foaming in the past. Great achievements have also been made in energy conservation and have been copied by manufacturers in the same industry.
“The amount of customer complaints for our products is very small. On the one hand, the communication between sales staff and customers is good, and the more important one is the quality of the products themselves.” Of course, such high-quality products will also increase manufacturing costs. Ye Yanxiong told reporters that the price of Jinyi foaming products in the industry is relatively high, but it still maintains a large loyal customer base and guarantees considerable performance.
Develop product codes to lead peers
"In the foaming industry, there is still no standardized industry standard. Even the product code is customized by its own manufacturer, which is not conducive to the standardization of the industry." Jin Ding, general manager of Ding Songsen, said, "Gem billion to develop products Code, has been recognized by the industry and adopted by the followers."
This achievement is largely inseparable from the status of Jinyi in the same industry. In terms of scale, Jinyi has been counted as one of the best, from the family-owned small workshop to the 45,000 sq. Mi's plant; in terms of production capacity, through the introduction of 16 foreign advanced production lines, with an annual output of EVA, PE (sheet) plate up to 100,000 cubic meters.
Leading in the same industry, it also allows Jinyi's products to be widely used in flame retardant EVA materials for construction, cold storage, vehicles, boats, etc., as well as for luggage, sports equipment, children's toys, water supplies, packaging materials, and printing materials. Use the company's products in large quantities.
“The development of Jinyi Industry has made the application of the product far beyond the footwear industry itself, and its products have infiltrated every space of production and living.” Ding Songsen said with joy.
In the eyes of Ding Songsen, it is precisely with the lead in the same industry, that Jinyi can always stay with Anta, Jordan, Xtep, 361 ° and other well-known sports brands.

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